Official Notice: An Update Regarding the 2020 NASM Annual Meeting

July 13, 2020


We hope that you and the members of your families and communities are safe and well.

Although copious amounts of information have been released since the onset of the COVID-19 outbreak, much remains unknown and uncertain at this time—such as the path the coronavirus will take, the ongoing effects of the virus, the resultant actions of federal and state governments, the level of activity of national and local commerce, institutional operations including the availability of funding to support travel, institutional permissions that pertain to Annual Meeting attendance, and the disposition of each individual as it pertains to personal safety. Such conditions result in the necessity for NASM to approach decision-making with utmost care, considered reflection, and only after a careful review has been undertaken of that which is known and that which can be anticipated with some level of certainty.

At this time, few aspects are static, which creates a level of complexity that requires the calibration and recalibration of outcomes—a process which requires focused planning and a gracious amount of time. Any decision will carry a fair share of consequences—those that may be immediately evident and those which remain out of plain sight. The desire to minimize unintended and undesirable consequences is paramount. As NASM works to seek a successful resolution, its concern for and attention to the health, well-being, and advancement of the field and to those who continue this important work remain in the forefront.

The final disposition of the 2020 Annual Meeting is near conclusion. We ask please that you continue to await the release of a formal announcement regarding the Annual Meeting. We appreciate the patience extended by each member institution as NASM navigates the complexities faced.

In addition to this announcement and aligned with the three previously released notices sent to NASM members and constituencies since mid-March 2020, NASM will be releasing in the form of a webpage, comprehensive information designed to assist music administrators. The page will include an extensive section devoted to frequently asked questions designed to speak to accreditation issues that have arisen since the onset of the pandemic, as well as information pertaining to the role and importance of strategic thinking particularly during challenging times, and sources and uses of information. The page will also include notice of professional development sessions to be offered virtually which will explore issues such as 1) bioaerosol emissions in the performing arts, specifically information as it pertains to reducing emissions and exposure, 2) critical decision-making as informed by factual information, 3) the recently released Federal Rule which sets forth regulations pertaining to nondiscrimination on the basis of sex in education programs or activities receiving federal financial assistance and its implications, and 4) accreditation-focused sessions which are designed to assist accredited institutional members to address required responsibilities. Further information will be forthcoming from NASM.

Your leadership and the work you are accomplishing during these trying times are critical to the health and vitality of music in higher education on various levels and in multiple dimensions. Thank you for your efforts and accomplishments.

As always, please do not hesitate to contact the National Office staff should questions arise and when assistance is needed.  We extend to each of you continued good wishes.

Thank you.