Commission on Accreditation

Contact with the Commission on Accreditation should be made through the NASM National Office.

The Commission on Accreditation consists of eighteen elected members: a Chair, an Associate Chair, and sixteen members, all elected by the membership at large, and three Public Members. Each Commission member, with the exception of the Public Members, must have had experience as a visiting evaluator.

Each of the sixteen Commission members is elected in one of four categories: Baccalaureate, Master’s, Doctorate, or At-Large. Each category contains four places. At-Large members of the Commission may be serving in any type of baccalaureate or graduate degree-granting institutions. Once elected, Commission members work with the entire range of Commission business.

The duties of the Commission are to apply the accreditation and Membership standards of the Association for baccalaureate and graduate institutions and programs, and for independent postsecondary non-degree-granting institutions. The Commission receives applications and determines the qualifications of institutions seeking Membership and, after thorough examination in accordance with Association procedures takes action on behalf of the Association. The Commission also has the power to investigate the maintenance of standards and the observance of published commitments in any member institution under its jurisdiction.

NASM Commission on Accreditation 2018-2019:

Peter T. Witte, Interim Chair (2019)
University of the Pacific

James C. Scott, Associate Chair pro tempore (2019)
University of North Texas

Cathy Albergo (2021)
Florida Gulf Coast University

Donna M. Bohn (2021)
MidAmerica Nazarene University

C. Brad Foley (2020)
University of Oregon

David Gier (2020)
University of Michigan

Daniel Goble (2021)
Colorado State University

Calvin Hofer (2020)
Colorado Mesa University

S. Kay Hoke (2019)
Gettysburg College

H. Keith Jackson (2019)
West Virginia University

Ronda M. Mains (2020)
University of Arkansas

Dale E. Monson (2021)
University of Georgia

Linda A. Monson (2019)
George Mason University

Karl Paulnack (2020)
Ithaca College

Michael R. Sitton (2019)
The Crane School of Music

Curt Scheib (2021)
Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Robert Walzel (2019)
University of Kansas

Public Members:

Kelly Lormore
Indianapolis, Indiana

Fran Tucker
Herndon, Virginia

Elizabeth Fairchild
Vienna, VA