The Visitors’ Report

Following the on-site visit, the NASM visiting evaluators prepare a report for the institution and the Commission according to NASM procedures. The Visitors’ Report addresses the following:

  • Purposes of the Institution and Music Unit
  • Size and Scope
  • Finances
  • Governance and Administration
  • Faculty and Staff
  • Facilities, Equipment, Technology, Health, and Safety
  • Library and Learning Resources
  • Recruitment, Admission-Retention, Record Keeping, Advisement, and Student Complaints
  • Published Materials and Websites
  • Branch Campuses, External Programs, Use of the Institution’s Name for Educational Activities Operated Apart from the Main Campus or the Primary Educational Program (if applicable)
  • Community Involvement; Articulation with Other Institutions (if applicable)
  • Non-Degree-Granting Programs for the Community (if applicable)
  • Review of Specific Operational Standards for (1) Free-Standing Music Institutions of Higher Education and/or (2) Proprietary Institutions of Higher Education (if applicable)
  • Programs, Degrees, and Curricula
  • Music Unit Evaluation, Planning, and Projections
  • Standards Summary
  • Overview, Summary Assessment, and Recommendations for the Program

Visitors’ Reports are due in the National Office no later than six weeks after the visit. Staff will review the Report, communicate further with the visiting team if necessary, and forward the Report to the institution.