Assessment on Our Own Terms

Assessment on Our Own Terms: Presentation Script (PDF)

Assessment on Our Own Terms: Slides (PDF)

A look at the question of assessment from an internal perspective, this script and its accompanying slides were developed by Mark Wait of Vanderbilt University and Samuel Hope of the NASM National Office for a session by this title at the 2007 NASM Annual Meeting held in Salt Lake City, Utah. Permission from the authors and NASM has been granted for the oral and printed reproduction of this presentation in the form made available here. The script and slides were altered slightly from their original form to create a format suitable for presentation in a number of different settings by any two individuals.

Please Note:

  • See script title page for detailed recommendations and instructions for use.
  • A text-only version of the presentation at the NASM 2007 Annual Meeting is available on this website under 2007 Annual Meeting.)