Foundation for the Advancement of Education in Music (F.A.E.M.) Brochures

NASM stocks four position papers published by the Foundation for the Advancement of Education in Music. These documents encourage the development of common ground on policy matters that affect the promotion of music study.

Click the links below to download each paper (PDF).

  • The ABC of Education in Music makes the case for education in music: what is to be gained and why the results are so necessary.
  • Entertainment, Education, and Music asserts that music has a value to civilization beyond entertainment and that education in music must be based on such understanding. Explores the relationships among these three concepts.
  • Ideas, Decisions, and Music Study examines how decisions are made and shows the necessity of promoting sound, intellectually defensible ideas about the purpose and benefits of music study.
  • Ideas, Policy, and Music Study shows how attempts to increase the value of music in the public mind can be complicated by the variety of specific ideas within the music community.  Discusses varying viewpoints on creativity, entertainment, competition, technology, etc.