Size and Scope Policy

Download the NASM Size and Scope Policy (PDF)

Policy Concerning Institutions Reporting Enrollments Lower Than NASM Minimums

  1. Upon first report of music major enrollment below NASM minimums (25 students for baccalaureate and graduate degree-granting institutions, 15 students for institutions offering only graduate degrees, and 20 students for community colleges), the appropriate Commission shall instruct the Executive Director to forward to the institu­tion the operational policy of the Commission.
  2. The Commission shall require the institution to submit annual data on enrollment for the next two years by filing a report for each of those years. Failure to file either of the reports shall be construed as indication that the institution has fewer than the requisite number of majors for that year.
  3. If the institution falls below minimum enrollment for three consecutive years, the institution shall be required to file annual reports demonstrating compliance with NASM standards concerning size and scope. The specific nature of the annual report shall be determined by the Commission on Accreditation and may or may not include a standardized questionnaire developed by the Commission.
  4. If the annual report concerning size and scope reveals conditions that require on-site investigation, the Commission shall have the option to request a report on specific issues by an NASM visitor or visiting team, or request a full reaccreditation review. Such on-site evaluations shall follow standard NASM procedures for on-site reviews.

When requested to do so in a Commission Action Report, please see the NASM Size and Scope Questionnaire.