In addition to accreditation and the services provided above, NASM also offers the following service areas.

Development of Standards and Guidelines

NASM initiates and participates, on a continuing basis, in the discussion, development, and implementation of Standards and Guidelines. The Standards and Guidelines of the Association may be found in the NASM Handbook. These standards are continually examined and revised as necessary. Ratification of standards is accomplished by vote of the entire membership. Prior to vote, drafts are circulated for comment among member institutions and the national music community. The Association encourages written comment on its established standards at any time.


NASM maintains archival records for each accredited member institution. These records include all correspondence since initial contact, the most recent Self-Study, and all annual reports. For further information about archives or to request copies of archival material for a small fee (member institutions only), please contact the National Office.


NASM maintains an inventory of published material containing information on the accreditation process, management and policy issues, accredited members, and statistics. These publications may be utilized to assist with a multitude of issues such as Plan Approval applications, meetings with State Boards, comparative studies, and doctoral dissertations.


NASM maintains an informal pool of individuals (musicians, executives, arts professionals, staff) capable of providing information and assistance on a number of topics. NASM is pleased to provide a list of names; however, logistics and details of speaking engagements should be arranged directly with the speaker.

Staff Assistance

The NASM staff is pleased to provide assistance and clarification. If, after reviewing the information contained in this site, you are interested in obtaining additional information, please do not hesitate to contact the National Office.