Procedures for Self-Study

NASM provides three format options (Formats A, B, and C) under the title Procedures for the Self-Study Document, as well as an option for creating a custom format under certain circumstances. Should you wish to consider a custom format, please seek the assistance of staff.

Once you have selected your Self-Study format, please use the appropriate document below to complete your Self-Study.

If baccalaureate and/or graduate programs in music therapy are being offered, the Music Therapy Supplement must be used in conjunction with the format chosen. As always, please contact the NASM staff with any questions.

Procedures for the Self-Study Document (choose one of the following):

Please Note: The optional Microsoft Word versions of the documents above are provided to facilitate using and altering the texts to create templates for Self-Study writers. If using one of these templates, all instructions must be deleted in the institution’s final Self-Study document that is submitted as part of the application.

The following documents must be used in conjunction with the Self-Study format chosen: