Accreditation Audit

Due Annually by July 1

Each year on or about June 1, NASM forwards to institutions a one- or two-page overview of institutional information NASM maintains in its membership database. This overview includes approved degrees and programs published in NASM’s accreditation listing for each member institution, as well as the status of Commission activity for that institution and contact information for the institutional representative of the accredited music unit.

The Accreditation Audit:

  1. Provides the National Office with current information.
  2. Confirms the degrees/programs that have received Plan Approval or Plan Approval and Final Approval for Listing.
  3. Identifies pending Commission action, offering a reminder of materials due.
  4. Is required annually of all accredited NASM member institutions. Please note: The primary Institutional Representative for each branch campus is required to submit a separate Accreditation Audit.

The Accreditation Audit system allows the Association to maintain accurate records and provides a means by which institutions can be reminded of responsibilities related to the accreditation process. The audit further serves as the basis for the accreditation listing of the institution by the Association.

Therefore, it is important for every accredited institutional member of NASM to review carefully all information contained in the Accreditation Audit and make all necessary corrections, ensuring that the data submitted is current and/or projected for the academic year that commences the ensuing September. Accreditation Audits must be signed and returned to the National Office, even if no corrections are made, no later than July 1 of each year. Failure to submit an Accreditation Audit will initiate a Commission review (see NASM Handbook, Bylaws, Article I., Section 4.; Rules of Practice and Procedure, Part II., Article III., Section 1.B.).

Questions about the Accreditation Audit should be directed to Justin Medlen at the NASM National Office at 703-437-0700, extension 115, or by email at

Written Instructions for the Accreditation Audit

Video Instructions for the Accreditation Audit