Nominating Committee

Contact with the Nominating Committee should be made through the NASM National Office.

The Nominating Committee consists of five persons selected annually from the institutional representatives to the Association, including (1) a Chair and two members appointed by the Board of Directors, and (2) two members elected by the membership at large. The Committee nominates Association officers (except Regional Officers), Commission Chairs, and Commission members. The Committee also nominates each year a slate from which the membership at large will elect the two non-appointed Nominating Committee members, and members of the Committee on Ethics. Members of the Nominating Committee are ineligible for nomination to elected office by the Nominating Committee on which they are serving.

NASM Nominating Committee 2023-2024:

Tammie Walker, Chair (2024)
University of Iowa

Julie Clemens (2024)
Illinois Central College

Kathryn Gresham (2024)
Brevard College

Clarence Hines (2024)
University of North Florida

Gary P. Nash (2024)
Fisk University