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University of Cincinnati

Date of Initial Accreditation: 9/1/1928
Year of Most Recent Comprehensive Review: 2013
Academic Year of Next Scheduled Comprehensive Review: 2024-2025

Degree-Granting, Non-Degree-Granting, Charter Member, HLC, Not-for-Profit, Public, Teacher Education Accreditation.

University of Cincinnati

Cincinnati, OH 45221-0003.
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A college-conservatory of music in a state-supported university.


Stephanie P. Schlagel, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Director of Graduate Studies, College-Conservatory of Music
Telephone: (513) 556-9470

Degree and Program Listing

Bachelor of Arts in Music.

Bachelor of Music in Commercial Music Production.

Bachelor of Music in Composition.

Bachelor of Music in Jazz Studies.

Bachelor of Music in Music Education.

Bachelor of Music in Music Education and Performance.

Bachelor of Music in Performance.

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Musical Theatre.

Artist Diploma in Instrumental Music Performance (Graduate).

Artist Diploma in Opera Vocal Performance (Graduate).

Artist Diploma in Piano or Harpsichord Performance (Graduate).

Master of Music in Collaborative Piano.

Master of Music in Composition.

Master of Music in Conducting.

Master of Music in Jazz Studies.

Master of Music in Music Education.

Master of Music in Musicology.

Master of Music in Performance.

Master of Music in Theory.

Doctor of Musical Arts in Composition.

Doctor of Musical Arts in Conducting.

Doctor of Musical Arts in Literature and Performance.

Doctor of Philosophy in Music.

Performance Certificate in Strings (Graduate).

Master of Music Education.

University of Cincinnati - Preparatory Program

Cincinnati, OH 45221.
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The preparatory department of the college-conservatory of music in a university.


Anne Cushing-Reid, Assistant Dean, Director, College-Conservatory of Music Preparatory and Community Engagement
Telephone: (513) 556-1987
Facsimile: (513) 556-9469

Degree and Program Listing

Ensemble Program.
Honors Program.
Private Lesson Program.
Theory/Composition Program.