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Lawrence University

711 East Boldt Way, Appleton, WI 54911.

A conservatory of music in an endowed university.

Date of Initial Accreditation: 9/1/1947
Year of Most Recent Comprehensive Review: 2014
Academic Year of Next Scheduled Comprehensive Review: 2023-2024

Degree-Granting, Non-Degree-Granting, HLC, Not-for-Profit, Private.


Brian G. Pertl, Dean, Conservatory of Music
Telephone: (920) 832-6614
Facsimile: (920) 832-6633

Degree and Program Listing

Bachelor of Arts in Music.
Bachelor of Music in Music Education.
Bachelor of Music in Performance.
♦ Lawrence Community Music School.
Bachelor of Music in Composition.
Bachelor of Music in Music Theory.
Bachelor of Musical Arts.